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Mineral Nutrition NCERT Notes for Class 11 Download in pdf

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Chapter 12 : Mineral Nutrition

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Autotroph : An organism that synthesize its required nutrients from simple and inorganic substances.

Heterotroph : An organism that cannot synthesise its own nutrients and depend on others.

Necrosis : Death of cells and tissues.

Biological nitrogen fixation : Conversion of atmospheric into organic com- pounds by living organisms. Nitrification : Conversion of ammonia (NH ) into nitrite and then to nitrate. 3

Denitrification : A process of conversion of nitrate into nitrous oxide and nitrogen gas (N ).

Leg-hemoglobin : Pinkish pigment found in the root nodules of legumes. 2 It acts as oxygen scavenger and protects the nitrogenase.

Flux : The movement of ions is called flux. Necrosis : Death of tissues particularly leaf tissue due to deficiency of Ca, Mg, Cu, K. Mineral

Nutrition : Plants require minerall elements for their growth and development. The utilization of various absorbed ions by a plant for growth and development is called mineral nutrition of the plant.

Hydroponics : Soil-less culture of plants, where roots are immersed in nutrient solution without soil is called hydroponics. The result obtained from hydroponics may be used to determine deficiency symptoms of essential ele- ments.

Essential Elements



Macronutrients are present in Micro-nutrients are needed in very low
plant tissues in concentrations of 1 to 10 mg per gram of dry matter amounts : 0.1 mg per gram of dry
C, H, O, N, P, K, S, Ca, Mg Fe, Mn, Cu, Mo, Zn, B, Cl, Si.



Essential Elements

Mineral Nutrition

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