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Notes of Some Applications of Trigonometry For Class 10

Notes Of Some Applications Of Trigonometry For Class 10 Download PDF

Chapter 9 : Some Applications of Trigonometry

NCERT Notes For Mathematics Class 10

Chapter 9 :- Some Applications of Trigonometry


Suppose we are viewing an object standing on the ground. Clearly, the line of sight ( or line ofvision) to the object is the line from our eyes to the object, we are viewing. (A) Angle of elevation :

Let `0′ be the eye of observer and Q be an object and OX is a horizontal line then ∠XOQ is called the angle of elevation and generally it is denoted by

Theeta or Phie i.e ‘0’ or φ.

(b) Angle of Depression: ‘P’ be the object lies below the horizontal

line OX, then ∠XOP is called the angle of depression and is denoted by ‘0’ or `φ’

NOTE:- For solving the height and distances problem,draw figure, and see the relation between known to unknown.

Some Applications of Trigonometry Notes for Class 10

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