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Clothing A Social History NCERT Solutions Download in pdf for cla

Download Ncert Solutions For Class 9 Social Science History Chapter 8 Clothing A Social History

History : Chapter 8 Clothing A Social History Download in pdf

Download NCERT Solution for Class 9 Social Science

History : Chapter 8 Clothing A Social History

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• Look at Figures 2 - 5. Write 150 words on what the differences in the pictures tell us about the society and culture in France at the time of the Revolution.

• Read Sources A and B. What do they tell you about the ideas of clothing in Victorian society? If you were the principal in Mary Somerville’s school how would you have justified the clothing practices?

• In what ways do you think these notions of weakness and dependence came to be reflected in women’s clothing?

• Imagine yourself to be a Muslim pleader in the Allahabad high court in the late nineteenth century. What kind of clothes would you wear? Would they be very different from what you wore at home?

• These two quotations (Sources E and F), from about the same period are from two different regions of India, Kerala and Bengal. What do they tell you about the very different notions of shame regarding women’s attire?

• If you were a poor peasant would you have willingly taken to giving up mill-made cloth? Fig.20

• Can you think of other reasons why the use of khadi could not spread among some classes, castes and regions of India?

• Imagine you are the 14-year-old child of a trader. Write a paragraph on what you feel about the sumptuary laws in France.

• Can you think of any expectations of proper and improper dress which exist today? Give examples of two forms of clothing which would be considered disrespectful in certain places but acceptable in others.

NCERT Solutions Intext Questions

Question 1. Explain the reasons for the changes in clothing patterns and materials in the eighteenth century.

Question 2. What were the sumptuary laws in France?

Question 3. Give any two examples of the ways in which European dress codes were different from Indian dress codes.

Question 4. In 1805, a British official, Benjamin Heyne, listed the manufactures of Bangalore which included the following:

•Women’s cloth of different musters and names
•Coarse chintz
•Silk cloths Of this list, which kind of cloth would have definitely fallen out of use in the early 1800s and why?

Question 5. Suggest reasons why women in nineteenth century India were obliged to continue wearing traditional Indian dress even when men switched over to the more convenient Western clothing. What does this show about the position of women in society?

Question 6. Winston Churchill described Mahatma Gandhi as a ‘seditious Middle Temple Lawyer’ now ‘posing as a half naked fakir’. What provoked such a comment and what does it tell you about the symbolic strength of Mahatma Gandhi’s dress?

Question 7. Why did Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of clothing the nation in khadi appeal only to some sections of Indians?

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