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Structural Organisation in Animals pdf ncert solutions Bio

Structural Organisation In Animals Pdf Ncert Solutions Biology Downlaod Free No Login Required, All Ncert Solution

Chapter 7 Structural Organisation in Animals

Download NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology

Chapter 7 Structural Organisation in Animals

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In this pdf file you can see answers of following Questions


Question 1:
Answer in one word or one line.
(i) Give the common name of Periplaneta americana.
(ii) How many spermathecae are found in earthworm?
(iii) What is the position of ovaries in the cockroach?
(iv) How many segments are present in the abdomen of cockroach?
(v) Where do you find malphigian tubules?
Question 2:
Answer the following:
(i) What is the function of nephridia?
(ii) How many types of nephridia are found in earthworm based on their location?
Question 3:
Draw a labelled diagram of the reproductive organs of an earthworm.
Question 4:
Draw a labelled diagram of alimentary canal of a cockroach.
Question 5:
Distinguish between the following
(a) Prostomium and peristomium
(b) Septal nephridium and pharyngeal nephridium

Question 6:
What are the cellular components of blood?
Question 7:
What are the following and where do you find them in animal body
(a) Chondriocytes
(b) Axons
(c) Ciliated epithelium

Question 8:
Describe various types of epithelial tissues with the help of labelled diagrams.
Question 9:
Distinguish between
(a) Simple epithelium and compound epithelium.

(b) Cardiac muscle and striated muscle

(c) Dense regular and dense irregular connective tissues(d) Adipose and blood tissue
(e) Simple gland and compound gland

Question 10:
Mark the odd one in each series:
(a) Areolar tissue; blood; neuron; tendon
(b) RBC; WBC; platelets; cartilage
(c) Exocrine; endocrine; salivary gland; ligament
(d) Maxilla; mandible; labrum; athorax; coxa
Question 12:
Mention briefly about the circulatory system of earthworm
Question 13:
Draw a neat diagram of digestive system of frog.
Question 14:
Mention the function of the following
(a) Ureters in frog
(b) Malpighian tubules
(c) Body wall in earthworm


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