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Chapter 7 Glimpses of India NCERT Solutions Class 10

Download NCERT Solutions For Class 10 English Chapter 7 Glimpses Of India In Pdf

Chapter 7 Glimpses of India

Download NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English

Chapter 7 Glimpses of India

(Link of Pdf File is given below at the end of the Questions list)

In this pdf file you can see answers of following Questions

Question 1:
What are the elders in Goa nostalgic about?
Question 2:
Is bread-making still popular in Goa? How do you know?

Question 3:
What is the baker called?
Question 4:
When would the baker come everyday? Why did the children run to meet him?
Question 1:
Match the following. What is a must

Question 2:
What did the bakers wear: (i) in the Portuguese days? (ii) when the author was young?
Question 3:
Who invites the comment − “he is dressed like a pader”? Why?
Question 4:
Where were the monthly accounts of the baker recorded?
Question 5:
What does a ‘jackfruit-like appearance’ mean?
Question 1:
Which of these statements are correct?
Question 2:
Is bread an important part of Goan life? How do you know this?
Question 3:
Tick the right answer. What is the tone of the author when he says the following?
(i) The thud and the jingle of the traditional baker’s bamboo can still be heard in some places. (nostalgic, hopeful, sad)
(ii) Maybe the father is not alive but the son still carries on the family profession. (nostalgic, hopeful, sad)
(iii) I still recall the typical fragrance of those loaves. (nostalgic, hopeful, naughty)
(iv) The tiger never brushed his teeth. Hot tea could wash and clean up everything so nicely, after all. (naughty, angry, funny)
(v) Cakes and bolinhas are a must for Christmas as well as other festivals. (sad, hopeful, matter-of-fact)
(vi) The baker and his family never starved. They always looked happy and prosperous. (matter-of-fact, hopeful, sad)
Question 1:
Where is Coorg?
Question 2:
What is the story about the Kodavu people’s descent?
Question 3:
What are some of the things you now know about

(i) the people of Coorg?
(ii) the main crop of Coorg?
(iii) the sports it offers to tourists?
(iv) the animals you are likely to see in Coorg?
(v) its distance from Bangalore, and how to get there?

Question 4:
Here are six sentences with some words in italics. Find phrases from the text that have the same meaning. (Look in the paragraphs indicated)
(i) During monsoons it rains so heavily that tourists do not visit Coorg. (para 2)
(ii) Some people say that Alexander’s army moved south along the coast and settled there. (para 3)
(iii) The Coorg people are always ready to tell stories of their sons’ and fathers’ valour. (para 4)
(iv) Even people who normally lead an easy and slow life get smitten by the highenergy adventure sports of Coorg. (para 6)

(v)The theory of the Arab origin is supported by the long coat with embroidered waist-belt they wear. (para 3)
(vi) Macaques, Malabar squirrels observe you carefully from the tree canopy. (para 7)

Question 1:
Here are some nouns from the text. culture monks surprise experience weather tradition Work with a partner and discuss which of the nouns can collocate with which of the adjectives given below. The first one has been done for you.

Question 2:
Complete the following phrases from the text. For each phrase, can you find at least one other word that would fit into the blank?
Question 1:
1. Look at these words: upkeep, downpour, undergo, dropout, walk-in. They are built up from a verb (keep, pour, go, drop, walk) and an adverb or a particle (up, down, under, out, in). Use these words appropriately in the sentences below. You may consult a dictionary.

1. Think of suitable −ing or −ed adjectives to answer the following questions. How would you describe


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