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>Properties of Solid, Liquid & Gas

>Effect of change of Temp, Pressure

>Interconversion of three states of matter


>Other Concepts


Effect of change of Temp, Pressure

Effect of change of temperature on matter: On increasing the temperature of solids, the kinetic energy of the particles increases.
Due to the increase in kinetic energy, the particles start vibrating with greater speed. The energy supplied by heat overcomes the forces of attraction between the particles. The particles leave their fixed positions and start moving more freely. A stage is reached when the solid melts and is converted to a liquid. The temperature at which a solid melts to become a liquid at the atmospheric pressure is called its melting point.

Effect of change of pressure on matter: By applying pressure we can bring the particles of matter closer and closer. So by applying pressure solids can be converted into liquids and further applying more pressure liquids can be converted into gases.

Effect of change of Temp, Pressure

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