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Introduction To c++ PDF Notes Download Free In Turbo C & C Sours

Introduction To C++ PDF Notes Download Free In Turbo C & C Sourses

Unit 3 Introduction To c++ PDF Notes Download Free In Turbo C & C Sourses


C++ Character Sets:

Letters A-Z , a-z
Digits 0-9
Special Symbols Space + - * / ^ \ ( ) [ ] { } = != <> . „ “ $ , ; : % ! & ? _ # <= >= @
White Spaces Blank spaces, horizontal tab, carriage
Other Characters Any of the 256 ASCII character

Token:-The smallest individual unit in a program is known as token. Tokens used in C++ are:


Keywords are the certain reserved words that convey a special meaning to the compiler. These are reserve for special purpose and must not be used as identifier name.eg for , if, else , this , do, etc. 


variables, functions, arrays, objects, classes, etc.. It may contain digits, letters and underscore, and must begin with a letter or underscore. C++ is case sensitive as it treats upper and lower case letters differently. The following are some valid identifiers: Pen time580 s2e2r3 _dos _HJI3_JK 


The data items which never change their value throughout the program run. There are several kinds of literals:

•Integer literals
• Character literals
•Floating literals
•String literals

Integer literals

Integer literals are whole numbers without any fractional part. An integer literal must have at least one digit and must not contain any decimal point. It may contain either + or - sign. A number with no sign is assumed as positive. C++ allows three types of integer literals:
(i) Decimal Integer Literals :- An integer literal without leading 0 (zero) is called decimal integer literals e.g., 123, 786 , +97 , etc.
(ii) Octal Integer Literals :- A sequence of octal digit starting with 0 (zero) is taken to be an octal integer literal ( zero followed by octal digits). e.g., 0345, 0123 , etc.
(iii) Hexadecimal Integer Literals :- Hexadecimal Integer Literals starts with 0x or 0X followed by any hexa digits. e.g., 0x9A45, 0X1234, etc. 

Character literals

Any single character enclosed within single quotes is a character literal. e.g ‘ A’ , ‘3’

Floating literals

Numbers which are having the fractional part are referred as floating literals or real literals. It may be a positive or negative number. A number with no sign is assumed to be a positive number. e.g 2.0, 17.5, -0.00256 

String Literals

It is a sequence of character surrounded by double quotes. e.g., “abc” , “23”. PUNCTUATORS: The following characters are used as punctuators which are also known as separators in C++ 

[ ] { } ( ) , ; : * ……….. = #

[ ]
Brackets These indicates single and multidimensional array subscripts
( )
Parenthesis These indicates single and multidimensional array subscripts
{ }
Braces Indicate the start and end of compound statements.
Semicolon This is a statement terminator.
Comma It is used as a separator.
Colon It indicates a labeled statement
Astrisk It is used as a pointer declaration
Ellipsis These are used in the formal argument lists of function prototype to
Equal to It is used as an assigning operator.
Pound singn... This is used as preprocessor directives.


An operator is a symbol or character or word which trigger some operation (computation) on its operands.
(i) Unary operators :- Those which require only one operand to operate upon. e.g. unary - , unary + , ++ , - - ! .
(ii) Binary operators :- Binary operators require two operands to operate upon. e.g. +, *, /, -, etc.
(iii) Ternary Operator :- Ternary operator require three operands to operate upon. Conditional operator (? :) is a ternary operator in C++. 


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