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>Political Science : Chapter 1 Power Sharing

>Political Science : Chapter 2 Federalism

>Political Science : Chapter 3 Democracy and Diversity

>Political Science : Chapter 4 Gender Religion and Caste

>Political Science : Chapter 5 popular Struggles And Movement

>Political Science : Chapter 6 Political Parties

>Political Science : Chapter 7 Outcomes Of Democracy


Political Science : Chapter 4 Gender Religion and Caste

Download NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science

Chapter 4 Gender Religion and Caste

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Question 1:
Mention different aspects of life in which women are discriminated or disadvantaged in India.
Question 2:
State different forms of communal politics with one example each.
Question 3:
State how caste inequalities are still continuing in India.

Question 4:
State two reasons to say that caste alone cannot determine election results in India.
Question 5:
What is the status of women’s representation in India’s legislative bodies?
Question 6:
Mention any two constitutional provisions that make India a secular state.
Question 7:
When we speak of gender divisions, we usually refer to: (a) Biological difference between men and women
(b) Unequal roles assigned by the society to men and women(c) Unequal child sex ratio (d) Absence of voting rights for women in democracies
Question 8:
In India seats are reserved for women in
(a) Lok Sabha
(b) State Legislative Assemblies
(c) Cabinets
(d) Panchayati Raj bodies
Question 9:
Consider the following statements on the meaning of communal politics. Communal politics is based on the belief that:
?. One religion is superior to that of others.
?. People belonging to different religions can live together happily as equal citizens.
C. Followers of a particular religion constitute one community.
D. State power cannot be used to establish the domination of one religious group over others.
Question 10:
Which among the following statements about India’s Constitution is wrong? It

(a) prohibits discrimination on grounds of religion
(b) gives official status to one religion
(c) provides to all individuals freedom to profess any religion
(d) ensures equality of citizens within religious communities
Question 11:
Social divisions based on ______________ are peculiar to India.
Question 12:
Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the Lists:


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