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=Chapter 1 The Living World

=Chapter 2 Biological Classification

=Chapter 3 Plant Kingdom

=Chapter 4 Animal Kingdom

=Chapter 5 Morphology of Flowering Plants

=Chapter 6 Anatomy of Flowering Plants

=Chapter 7 Structural Organisation in Animals

=Chapter 8 Cell The Unit of Life

=Chapter 9 Biomolecules

=Chapter 10 Cell Cycle and Cell Division

=Chapter 11 Transport in Plants

=Chapter 12 Mineral Nutrition

=Chapter 13 Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

=Chapter 14 Respiration in Plants

=Chapter 15 Plant Growth and Development

=Chapter 16 Digestion and Absorption

=Chapter 17 Breathing and Exchange of Gases

=Chapter 18 Body Fluids and Circulation

=Chapter 19 Excretory Products and their Elimination

=Chapter 20 Locomotion and Movement

=Chapter 21 Neural Control and Coordination

=Chapter 22 Chemical Coordination and Integration


Chapter 13 Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

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Download NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology

Chapter 13 Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

(Link of Pdf File is given below at the end of the Questions list)

In this pdf file you can see answers of following Questions


Question 1:
By looking at a plant externally can you tell whether a plant is C3 or C4 ? Why and how?

Question 2:
By looking at which internal structure of a plant can you tell whether a plant is C or C3 ? Explain.

Question 3:
Even though a very few cells in a C4 plant carry out the biosynthetic – Calvin pathway, yet they are highly productive. Can you discuss why?
Question 4:
RuBisCo is an enzyme that acts both as a carboxylase and oxygenase. Why do you think RuBisCo carries out more carboxylation in C4 plants?

Question 5:
Suppose there were plants that had a high concentration of Chlorophyll-b, but lackedchlorophyll-a, would it carry out photosynthesis? Then why do plants havechlorophyll-b and other accessory pigments?
Question 6:
Why is the colour of a leaf kept in the dark frequently yellow, or pale green? Which pigment do you think is more stable?
Question 7:
Look at leaves of the same plant on the shady side and compare it with the leaves onthe sunny side. Or, compare the potted plants kept in the sunlight with those in theshade. Which of them has leaves that are darker green? Why?
Question 8:
Figure 13.10 shows the effect of light on the rate of photosynthesis. Based on the graph, answer the following questions:

(a) At which point/s (A, B or C) in the curve is light a limiting factor?
(b) What could be the limiting factor/s in region A?
(c) What do C and D represent on the curve?

Question 9:
Give comparison between the following:
(a) C3 and C4 pathways
(b) Cyclic and non-cyclic photophosphorylation
(c) Anatomy of leaf in C3 and C4 plants


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