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=Chapter 1 A Letter to God

=Chapter 2 Long Walk to Freedom

=Chapter 3 Two Stories About Flying

=Chapter 4 From the Diary of Anne Frank

=Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses

=Chapter 6 The Hundred Dresses(2)

=Chapter 7 Glimpses of India

=Chapter 8 Mijbil the Otter

=Chapter 9 Madam Rides the Bus

=Chapter 10 The Sermon at Benares

=Chapter 11 The Proposa


Chapter 4 From the Diary of Anne Frank

Download NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English

Chapter 4 From the Diary of Anne Frank

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In this pdf file you can see answers of following Questions


Question 1:
Do you keep a diary? Given below under ‘A’ are some terms we use to describe a written record of personal experience. Can you match them with their descriptions under ‘B’? (You may look up the terms in a dictionary if you wish.)

Question 2:
Here are some entries from personal records. Use the definitions above to decide which of the entries might be from a diary, a journal, a log or a memoir. (i) I woke up very late today and promptly got a scolding from Mum! I can’t help it − how can I miss the FIFA World Cup matches?

Question 1:
Why does Anne provide a brief sketch of her life?
Question 2:
What tells you that Anne loved her grandmother?
Question 1:
Was Anne right when she said that the world would not be interested in the musings of a thirteen-year-old girl?
Question 2:
There are some examples of diary or journal entries in the ‘Before You Read’ section. Compare these with what Anne writes in her diary. What language was the diary originally written in? In what way is Anne’s dairy different?
Question 3:
Why does Anne need to give a brief sketch about her family? Does she treat ‘Kitty’ as an insider or an outsider?
Question 4:
How does Anne feel about her father, her grandmother, Mrs Kuperus and Mr Keesing? What do these tell you about her?
Question 5:
What does Anne write in her first essay?

Question 6:
Anne says teachers are most unpredictable. Is Mr Keesing unpredictable? How?

Question 7:
What do these statements tell you about Anne Frank as a person?

(i) We don’t seem to be able to get any closer, and that’s the problem. Maybe it’s my fault that we don’t confide in each other.
(ii) I don’t want to jot down the facts in this diary the way most people would, but I want the diary to be my friend.
(iii) Margot went to Holland in December, and I followed in February, when I was plunked down on the table as a birthday present for Margot.
(iv) If you ask me, there are so many dummies that about a quarter of the class should be kept back, but teachers are the most unpredictable creatures on earth.
(v) Anyone could ramble on and leave big spaces between the words, but the trick was to come up with convincing arguments to prove the necessity of taking.
Question 1:
Why was Mr Keesing annoyed with Anne? What did he ask her to do?
Question 2:
How did Anne justify her being a chatterbox in her essay?
Question 3:
Do you think Mr Keesing was a strict teacher?
Question 4:
What made Mr Keesing allow Anne to talk in class?
Question 1:
Match the compound words under ‘A’ with their meanings under ‘B’. Use each in sentence.

Question 2:
Phrasal Verbs Find the sentences in the lesson that have the phrasal verbs given below. Match them with their meanings.

Question 3:
1. Here are a few sentences from the text which have idiomatic expressions. Can you say what each means? (You might want to consult a dictionary first.)

Question 4:
You have read the expression ‘not to lose heart’ in this text. Now find out the meanings of the following expressions using the word ‘heart’. Use each of them in a sentence of your own.
Question 5:
Contracted Forms 1. Make a list of the contracted forms in the text. Rewrite them as full forms of two words.


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