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=Math Formulas and Notes For Class 12

=Physics Notes For Class 12

=Chemistry Notes For Class 12

=Information Pratice Notes for Class 12

=Biology Notes for Class 12


Information Pratice Notes for Class 12 CBSE Board Download pdf

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Chapter 1. Computer Fundamentals and Networking

     Part 1: Introduction to Computer and Generation

Chapter 2. Programming

     Part 1: Computer programming language methodology  software

Chapter 3. Introduction To C++

     Part 1: Operators,C Characters It's Methods

Chapter 4. Programming in C++

     Part 1: Data Structure Interview, Loops and Statements with Exeamples

     Part 2 : Object-Oriented Programming Switch Case, Funcutions and Input Output files

     Part 3 :Types of Array, Ponter and Linear Search

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Information Pratice Notes for Class 12 Download pdf
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